About & Contact

Hey! I'm Annika, a digital designer - soon graduating Masters studies at IT-University in Copenhagen
(MSc Digital Design & Communication).  This means I've got lots of thorough theoretical background on communication in digital context, whereas also, lots of practical experience in fields like
interaction design, graphic design, co-design and service design - ready to be put into practice!
UX/UI design is what I see myself working with in the very near future, as I'm a conceptual thinker
and as I enjoy the process of developing fuzzy ideas into clear ones. As a fresh graduate, I am at the moment open for new job-opportunities either in Copenhagen or Aarhus.
... and thanks for checking out my portfolio! Please note that it's still under construction,
more specific and elaborate case studies are soon on their way!
You can reach me by mail or by phone:
+45 422 552 99
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